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Well Woman Exam

Monitoring, in order to preserve your health, is every bit as important as focusing on your health in times of illness. For women that means appointments for annual well-woman examinations. At Trade Winds Family Medicine in Kailua, the staff is ready to help women of all ages maintain optimal health. Book your next appointment by calling (808) 263-7383.

Well Woman Exam Question & Answer

A well woman exam is a preventive health appointment that serves as a check of your overall health. The providers at Trade Winds Family Medicine recommend doing an annual well woman visit to stay on top of any health changes.  

Although the well-woman exam is customized for age, generally a visit consists of everything you would commonly experience during a physical, like a check of your blood pressure, your temperature, height, and weight, with the addition of a breast exam, if desired.

Depending on your age and family medical history, your doctor may take other tests and screenings such as a:

  • Pelvic exam
  • Pap smear
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) screening
  • Testing for sexually transmitted diseases or infections

In addition, your provider at Trade Winds Family Medicine may provide referrals for mammograms and colon cancer screenings, as needed.

Well woman visits provide a great time for you to update your provider on any personal or family health issues, new medications or supplements you are taking, or any concerns you may have about your overall health. Come armed with questions and be prepared to fill in your health care team on details regarding your health. For instance, if you are still menstruating, you’ll want to note the date of your last period.

Since this is intended to be a preventive visit, if a new health issue or concern arises out of the well woman visit, we may recommend additional testing and/or follow-up appointment in order to give the new issue all the time and focus that is necessary.

Yes. Well woman visits are important throughout all the stages of life, from adolescence through the reproductive years and into menopause. Maintaining your health starts with monitoring it through these important preventive visits.

Trade Winds Family Medicine is conveniently located in the Aikahi section of Kailua and has free parking available. To make your next well woman visit, book by calling (808)263-7383.